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Two Dogs Are Better Than One

Ah yes, the famous saying, "two are better than one." But we all know that fun little rule of thumb doesn't exactly apply to everything in life... however, it does fit with two dogs being better than one!

Can I get an amen?!

Yes, we are a local St.George animal rescue and we like to get dogs adopted, but this is no sales pitch my friends– this is straight facts!

Dogs are very social animals – they need people, as well as other dogs! They are also very emotional, so sometimes they simply need a little companionship with another doggo.

I mean, sure, you're a pretty great mom, but I don't understand why you won't lick me back...

Two Dogs Are Better Than One, it's just the truth! So naturally, RSQ DOGS+ is here to break down some reasons for why you should probably consider adding another doggo to the family... or three... better yet, why not make it a baker's dozen?

1. Sometimes it makes things a little easier.

Perhaps that sounds a bit goofy? You might be thinking, "Uhh, having another dog, is supposed to be easier? Are you guys nuts?" But honey, trust.

Our fur friends crave interaction and love, and while they love their mom and dad (AKA you guys), some dogs also need the companionship of one of their own. Another doggy friend that will lick them back, sniff their butts, get silly with, cuddle with, learn from, and go on walks with. You know, typical dog stuff.

Now for us humans, having more than one pup does have it's advantages! Sure, having multiple dogs sounds a little rough sometimes. But having a companion for your pupper can actually make things run a bit more smoothly in your house. Unless of course, you take us up on that baker's dozen offer...

You know, like double the happiness and joy, keeping each other entertained, helping to train each other (or ripping up the couch together, but you know...) and of course, double the cuddles and double the freaking cuteness?!

Um, yeah, just saying...

Humans are naturally social animals as well, so having double the companionship for yourself– having another animal to empty your love into and earnestly care for – equals pure bliss!

And hey, after you adopt that extra fluffy family member, you might as well join our fluffy volunteer family?!

2. Sorry to break it to you, but you're not a dog...

Sure, our family doggos are not wolves – our babies are loving and domesticated!

However, that innate nature to wreak havoc and bond with other animals still runs deep in their veins.

At this point, your lone doggie has probably considered you to be their pack member, but unfortunately, you are not always present – you know, those annoying things called work, school, dinner, shopping, vacation, etc.

And of course, there's that minor problem of not running on all fours, barking, and sniffing each other's butt, so there's that. There are some things we simply cannot be for our dogs...

Therefore, having another dog for your lone furry baby will give them their natural “pack” instincts back. Another animal to bond with at all times, run around with, pee on plants with, and face their doggie-world with! No more separation anxiety when you leave the house – we hope!

3. Your dog will never be fat again!

At least not until they're old... or you're old... am I right or am I right?

Let's be honest. Your furry baby can only do so much when it comes to playing and exercise alone. Because good heck mom, it's freaking boringggggggg.

Sure, they play with you, your kids, their toys, and go on walks/runs with you.

But there is nothing quite like another one of Fido’s kind to really provide that four-legged exercise and entertainment your hairy kiddo needs. You feelin' me, sister?

With another friend, your pup gets to run around with another dog, playing, peeing, chasing, fighting, barking at passersby, licking, wrestling, etc. This type of fun is only possible with other doggie friends, I'm sorry to break it to ya, my friend.

All in all, there are many reasons why you should certainly consider having two dogs instead of one. Guaranteed, your pup needs another friend to truly complete their pack and their canine needs!

Shoot! You could even get more if you really wanted to. Why not take us up on that Baker's Dozen offer?

Our Mission is to be a voice for the voiceless - bettering the lives of the forgotten, abandoned, and abused animals in rural Utah - while inspiring the community to get involved.

It's a GREAT time to Adopt or Foster! help these beautiful animals find loving homes. Please call: 1-800-897-1136 to book an appointment!

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