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Success Stories

"This is why we do what we do"



Congratulations to Gracie! This little sweetie came from the Hildale Impound lot. She was very dirty and stinky and starved for attention but she sure cleaned up beautifully!

After Gracie visited our vet and got all the necessity’s done, she went into a foster home. 
Well, the rest is history! They just couldn’t give her up! (We LOVE failed fosters!)
She has 6 human siblings to play with and a dog sibling. And she is the happiest pup around.

Have a wonderful life Gracie!

Daisy Mae

Congratulations to Daisy Mae. She has such a great family with her own little girl, an adoring dad, and a canine sibling. What more could she ever ask for?? Have a wonderful life Daisy!

Speed Bump

Congratulations to SpeedBump! She will
Lead an active life style with her new dad and be the only princess in the home. We can’t wait to get pictures and updates of her adventures. Have a great life SpeedBump!!


Mama Scarlett came to us 2 months ago in active labor and needing an emergency c-section to save her life and her unborn babies lives. There was a baby stuck in the birth canal and she was unable to deliver naturally.

We welcomed her into RSQ DOGS and many wonderful people donated toward her emergency care. Scarlett delivered 5 babies via cesarian but sadly, 3 had already passed away. 💔

Scarlett was a wonderful and protective mom to her remaining two babies and they were very healthy and adorable.

Now after 9 weeks, Scarlett and her two
Babies Panda and Bandit all found amazing Fur-ever homes!! I have no doubt that all 3 will be spoiled and cherished until they are old and grey. Have wonderful lives kids. ❤️🐾


Congratulations to Jasper! He was patiently waiting for his perfect match to come along... and he didn’t have to wait long! Jaspers new dad found him on Petfinder and came right over to meet him and the rest is history!
Jasper is an only child and is enjoying the dog park and living the good life. Have a wonderful life Jasper!


Congratulations to our cute Maddie! She found her perfect family with 2 human siblings and a canine sibling. Her new family adores her and thinks she is the perfect addition. ❤️🐾 Have a wonderful life Maddie!


Congratulations to Arya! This precious little girl is joining a family with another kitten just a little bit older than her. They will be the only “kids” in the home and they are already BFF’s! Have a wonderful life Arya!!


Congratulations to Baby Cash! The nicest family came in specifically to meet Liberty, an adorable little girl kitten, but after they met Cash, they knew he was the one for them! There were tears and it was literally love at first sight. 😻 Cash will be loved beyond measure. Have a wonderful life little guy. 🐾❤️

In Loving Memory of

Bruno is the gorgeous boy that we were called to pick up after he had been shot.  Although his time with us was short, he touched our hearts so deeply.

On September 11, 2017 with Taunya by his side, Bruno crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  Rest in peace sweet boy ... we love you!